Live in Caretaker / Handy Person

Posted 1 year ago

Birmingham (B16), 

·         From £18,000 to £20,000 per annum plus onsite accommodation, council tax and broadband

We are looking for a live in Caretaker / Handyperson for a Property Consultants / Property Management Company looking after their Estate.

General Job Spec for the role of live in Caretaker / Handy Person

Caretaker must work from the Caretakers Estate Office (“Shanty”) & not the bungalow during normal working hours

The activities below should be carried out in conjunction with the Caretakers Work Schedule

Anything from the lists for “As and when required”, “Weekly”, “Fortnightly”, “Monthly”, “Every six weeks”, “Every two months”, “Every six months” and “Annually” will be carried out, whenever possible on different days from each other (in order to even out the workload) but in addition to the work from the “Daily” list.


·         Check appropriate site, pick up litter and respond appropriately to any issues found

·         Collect trash from outside PP apartments and from CC bin rooms and dispose including Saturdays and Bank Holidays (not Christmas Day or Boxing Day)

·         Replace PP Residents’ black bag with a neatly folded bag left outside door

·         Collect, empty (sorting for inappropriate material) and return PP residents recycling bags

·         Be vigilant for and respond to unusual activity on site

·         After 7pm (in late dusk/dark) conduct Night Round checking external doors are locked and that gates are closed and locked and checking all exterior lighting is working.

·         Fold Black bags to a manageable size for leaving outside apartments

·         Collect and store securely post for holidaying Residents

·         Sign for and holding parcels/packages delivered for Residents while they were out

·         Hold in Works Safe, keys for Residents and issue as necessary.

·         Maintain list of keys held.

·         Liaise with Residents and Owners in person, by telephone, text or email.

·         Remove leaves and other debris from roadways, car parks, garage courts and paths using

·         Billy Goat, broom and shovel or Karcher sweeper.Dispose of collected waste

·         Ensure that contractors on site park their vehicles in the Visitors / Contractors car park

·         Carry out any of the following work that is required that day:

As and when required:

·         Responding appropriately to issues raised by Residents, Managing Agents and Directors including those occurring outside the normal working day.

·         Reacting appropriately to issues observed (e.g. closing-up gaps in guttering caused by natural movement)

·         Drawing up of works specifications for contract work (e.g. redecoration of premises)

·         Liaising between Management and Managing Agents

·         Meetings with Management, Managing Agent and Contractors on site, take notes,

·         producing and distribution of Minutes

·         Draft, print and distribute information to Residents

·         Replacement of light bulbs and tubes internally and externally

·         Minor maintenance (e.g. replacement of damaged door stops, stays and locks, touching up scuffed paintwork)

·         Lubricating Driveway and Pedestrian gate hinges CC & PP

·         Carrying out of adjustments to PP and CC Gate end stops

·         Arrange for Contractors to carry out more major maintenance and high-level lamp replacement

·         Assist Residents with changing high level light bulbs in their apartments

·         Maintain stocks of batteries for CC smoke detectors and gate zappers

·         Programming and issue of Gate zappers when purchased from PC.

·         Programming and issue of replacement PP Door entry fobs

·         Oversee Contractors on site and issue Chitties of completed work

·         Issuing, signing in and out of Keys and Fobs for contractors

·         Updating regularly and emailing to the Chairman the Record of Works, Power Equipment Inventory and Gardening Equipment Inventory.

·         Ensuring First Aid Qualification, First Aid Kit and Accident Book are kept updated

·         Visit Filling Station to purchase petrol for gardening machinery (receipts to Chairman)

·         Gardening duties to complement the work of contract gardeners:

·         Leaf clearance from lawns, under trees and from planted areas. Dispose of waste

·         Remove weeds from hard surfaces.

·         Weeding of planted areas most in need, collect and dispose of waste

·         Trimming of hedges and bushes most in need, collect and dispose of waste

·         Trim Ivy to a level top, in line with mortar line and face off. Collect and dispose of cuttings

·         Lawn mowing small areas where necessary & collect waste for disposal

·         Lawn edging around paths, kerbs and planted areas

·         Raking down the debris from sides of PP driveway, collect and dispose of waste.

·         Watering of lawns, beds, rockeries and new plants by hose, watering can or sprinkler after dusk

·         Wash all garage doors in PP and CC

·         Service estate equipment eg lawnmowers, leaf blowers, Billygoat, tools etc

·         Pressure wash paths on site as required

·         Remove overhanging Ivy CC Garage court end wall

·         Keeping of gravelled areas weed free

·         Snow clearance from pathways, driveways, garage courts and car parks

·         Application of rock salt and grit.Deployment of “slippery surface signs” to pathways when appropriate, during winter

·         Clear up spillages left by Council Refuse and Recycling wagons

·         Arranging Caretaking cover for annual leave


·         On Saturdays collect trash and recycling from PP apartments and CC bin rooms then finish

·         Fire Alarm Checks in both PP and CC and record results

·         Test Lift Emergency call buttons

·         Oversee Grounds Maintenance contractors

·         Check Caretakers Estate Office Toilet (CEO) and clean if required


·         Check all CCTV equipment on site and address any problems


·         Carry out whole site checks and complete PC.Check Sheet including communal meter readings. Scan and email Check sheets to Managing Agents and PC Mgt Chairman

·         Address any issues raised during check

·         Test Emergency Lighting in both PP and CC and record results

·         Prepare and submit Caretaking and Cleaning consumables order

·         Purchase top up credit for Works “pay as you go” mobile phone

·         Legionella testing – water taps and CE Office

The salary will be £18-20k plus accommodation (onsite), council tax and broadband

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